Crane Rental

Our technical expertise and project-specific consultation will help to ensure your project reaches greater heights.

100% Maintained, Minimal Disruption

Jaya Upaya Machinery’s (JUM) crane rental fleet consist of Crawler Crane, Crawler Tower, Rough Terrain Crane and All-Terrain Crane, which are capable to handle virtually all kinds of heavy lifting projects. Our rental services also come with fully-certified, well-trained operators who possess among the safest track records in the industry.

Crawler Cranes

We have a fleet of Crawler Cranes for rental ranging from 50 tonnes to 500 tonnes that can be configured to meet any project requirements. These cranes move on tracks rather than tyres, making them an ideal choice on muddy terrains and especially useful during geotechnic engineering work.

Rough-Terrain Cranes

These cranes are smaller in size yet reputed for is manoeuvrability and handling on rough terrain. It moves on large rubber tyres, which allows it to be driven to any work site swiftly without the need for special transport arrangements. We have a fleet of Rough-Terrain Cranes for rental ranging for 25 tonnes to 50 tonnes to handle your lifting needs.

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